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"Be willing to let go of who you think you should
    be in order to be who you are. 
                                               - Brené Brown

Individual Therapy

Time For Self Discovery

We live in a world full of expectations, deadlines, pressures, stress, worry and disconnection. At times it is challenging to find our place in the world, to know what brings us happiness, to understand and makes sense of our pain and discomfort.

Individual therapy is an opportunity to deeply examine your life and to gain insight into your own thoughts, feelings and behaviors. It is a chance to make sense of how you interact in the world, how the world interacts with you, and how that interaction helps you determine who you want to be. In individual therapy we will explore your own unique strengths, what brings you a sense of meaning, what motivates you, and how you may be able to create more peace and balance in your life.


You may be seeking relief from worry, stress, pain, grief, discomfort, or clarity around current and past struggles in life, or a clearer direction in your love life, or career. Whatever brings you to therapy, I hope to create a safe, supportive place where you feel understood, appreciated, and are able to share openly and honestly. 


Finding the right therapist is vital to the success of this work. It is important to me to know that you feel that you can be yourself and that you are accepted for being who you are, and where you are in life. I provide a safe place for people of all sexual, cultural, spiritual and gender orientations. My hope is that we are able to create a space where you feel welcomed, where your realness is appreciated, where all aspects of life are celebrated from laughter to tears, and you are encouraged to reach your goals.

Are You...

Spending more time worrying than you want to be

Waking up in the middle of the night, having stomach issues, consistent pain

Unsure about what your next steps are in your relationship, your career

Looking to find more meaning out of your daily life

Feeling stuck, sad, anxious or depressed

Working through a transition, a death, a new or ending relationship

I would love to help you address these or any other issues you may be facing.  


Contact me so we can explore this together.

Suggested Reading:

I offer a free 15-minute phone consultation so we may have the opportunity to see if we are a fit for one another. Please email me or call me directly so we may start you down the path of healing.

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