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"Compassion for others begins with kindness to ourselves."
-Pema Chödrönn

Parent & Family Therapy

Support as You Work Together Toward Connection

Families experience a wide and complex spectrum of emotions ranging from joy and sadness, love and loss, to comfort and strain, and connection and conflict. Even loving families can be disconnected at times, or experience conflict and  disagreement and feelings that are overwhelming or stressful. Your family unit may need a bit of extra support in helping you guide each other through the ever changing world of growth and connection.

Family therapy can look different depending on who you would like to involve in family counseling. Everyone in your family may not be open to starting counseling at first and that is okay. I am happy to work with whomever is interested in attending family therapy sessions. I work to create a safe, supportive space where everyone’s voice is heard, and respected. The goal is to support everyone in speaking their truth and guiding the family in accepting one another and ultimately finding a place of understanding. When family members are able to feel as though they matter and are understood, families are able to work towards their goals, find solutions and become more connected.


My hope is to help illuminate the ways in which your family is stuck through encouraging communication, setting family guidelines, creating routines and traditions, and finding ways for you all to reconnect, or learn how to connect with one another in an effective way. Families endure many experiences in life such as the loss of a loved one, blending families, adding siblings, moves, career and school changes, and more that can all disrupt the equilibrium of the family dynamic. We can work together to find the strengths in your family and work towards what you believe to be a more positive home environment.

In addition to having experience working with the entire family, I welcome the opportunity to provide more specific parent support or child-focused therapy. I work within a therapeutic framework of family systems, that affords me the opportunity to work with all aspects of a family. I utilize an attachment focused, trauma informed lens to provide strength-based, client-centered support to all looking to promote self-understanding, growth, healing, connection and acceptance to improve the overall family dynamic.

Offering Guidance for Families Struggling With:

  • Disconnection and Miscommunication

  • Parents knowing the balance of love and consequences

  • Children following directions the first time, being successful in school, and getting along their siblings

  • Family loss, Trauma, Transitions: blending families, changing jobs, schools, adjusting to new family members

I offer a free 15-minute phone consultation so we may have the opportunity to see if we are a fit for one another. Please email me or call me directly so we may start you down the path of healing.

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